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Solar PV & Battery Installation - Beverley

At Solar Smart Energy, we recently installed a large solar PV and battery system for a customer in Beverley, East Yorkshire. The customer was passionate about green energy and saving on electricity bills, particularly due to the increased time spent at home.

The solar system we installed consists of 18 black mono solar panels from HIB Longi HiMo5, which have a high capacity of 400W each. The hybrid inverter we used is an 8kw Lux Power model, which allowed for seamless integration into the customer's existing energy system. As for the battery storage, we installed 9.6kwH of Greenlinx storage, which uses high-quality lithium-ion technology to store excess solar-generated energy.

With this solar system's expected production of 5000 kWh of energy per year, the customer is predicted to save £60,000 over the next 25 years. These calculations are based on industry assumptions, and our team can provide tailored information on the expected savings for your property by contacting us at

At Solar Smart Energy, we take pride in our installations, and we want to share with you drone footage of the newly installed system. As renewable energy is becoming the new norm, we are passionate about serving our customers with quality and innovative energy solutions.

Contact us today to schedule a consultation and see how you can start saving on your energy bills with solar PV and battery installations.

*All calculations based on industry assumptions. For information on savings on your property please contact us at


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