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Frequently asked questions

Buying Solar panels and battery storage for your home can be a bit daunting, here are a few of our frequently asked questions.


If you have more questions or something is not covered then please do not hesitate to contact us phone 07378 865564, email or fill out our form here.

1. How long does a Solar Panel installation take?

A solar panel installation takes 1 to 2 days.

2. What is an inverter?

The inverter is one of the key components of a PV system. Not only does this allow us to convert DC, (which is produced by the solar panels), to AC, (which is required for your home), but it also maximises the PV output and provides a safe connection to the grid.

3. How much energy will I save with Solar Panels?

This depends on a lot of things, the best thing to do is contact us to arrange a survey, email

4. How much money will I save with Solar Panels?

This depends on a lot of factors, your energy usage, number of panels. The Energy savings trust has a calculator here which can give you a guide. Or contact us for a full survey.

5. How do solar panels work?

They convert light directly to electricity. When photovoltaic materials (solar cells within the panels) absorb sunlight the solar energy knocks electrons loose from their atoms, allowing the electrons to flow through the material to produce electricity.

6. What are 2 main benefits of Solar Panel installation?



Reduction in electricity bills – sunlight is free, so once the initial installation is paid for, electricity costs will be greatly reduced.

Store electricity – the system can store excess electricity in batteries to use when you need.




Reduction in Carbon footprint – solar electricity is a green, renewable energy and doesn’t release any harmful carbon dioxide or other pollutants.


Wildlife protection – coal mines require large quantities of water to remove impurities from coal at the mine. At coal-fired power stations large quantities of water are used for producing steam and for cooling systems. When this water is removed from a lake or river, the fish and other aquatic life can be affected, as well as animals and people who depend on the aquatic resources.


No waste material – the burning of coal creates solid waste, called ash, which is composed primarily of metal oxides and alkali.


Nuclear-fuelled power stations create waste which is radioactive for many thousand years.


There is no exhaust or solid waste emissions from a PV system.


We would recommend taking a look at the the RECC consumer guidance here for more information on buying Solar PV.

7. Do you have product warranties?

All our solar panels are guaranteed for 25 years.

8. Public Liability insurance?

Yes we are fully insured and backed with a two year workmanship warranty.

9. What products do you install?

Solar Panels (PV), batteries and Electric car charging points. For more technical information on specific products please contact us.

10. How long do batteries last?

Lithium-ion batteries have a life span on average of around 11 – 15 years.

11. It's not sunny in the UK, will Solar work?

Yes although in the darker days the panels may not generate as much energy.

12. I haven't got a driveway can I have EV charger?

You would need to check with your local council.

13. How long does an Electric Car charger take to install?

Up to 3 hours

14. Do solar panels need cleaning?

Yes, for your Solar system to run efficiently a little general maintenance is necessary. Thankfully, though, the biggest culprit is simply dust which can be removed easily with a squeegee. Ensure this is done following the manufactures instructions.

15. Are solar panels recyclable?

Yes, they can be recycled they are made from largely common materials including aluminium, glass and silicone.

16. What is DNO?

The Distribution Network Operators are companies that run the regional electricity networks.

17. What is a G98/G99?

These are the engineering recommendations that are part of the Distribution network. The code is a contractual obligation of operation between network operators and those customers connecting to it.

18. Is there funding available for Solar Panels on my house?

There are always new government initiatives and schemes popping up, currently The Green Deal Energy saving measures. It is best to check the Government website to see if there is any funding currently available to you.

19. Do you offer finance?

No, we do not offer finance services at this time.

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We are a small family-run business based in Yorkshire, with Over 20 years of experience in electrical installations. An all-in professional service from the initial survey through to full installation by our BPEC Installer. 

Friendly reliable service

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RECC approved No. 00073584

Only used Approved installers

NAPIT accredited

BPEC solar qualified installer

25-year guarantee on products

Full insurance and workmanship warranty

Two-year system health check

Currently installing all over YorkshireDoncasterLincolnHullBeverleyEast Riding  and surrounding areas.

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