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Approved myenergi installers - Yorkshire

Back in March we completed our myenergi training to become approved installers of libbi, eddi and zappi products.

Libbi is a modular battery system that adapts to your needs, stores electricity to use it when you need it most. It allows the collection of as much surplus solar electricity as possible.

libbi system on wall
Libbi battery system

The eddi is an intelligent energy diverter that constantly monitors your energy usage and redirects any surplus energy to an immersion heater, providing heated hot water using your own solar energy. This diverts excess solar energy and can save you money on your energy bills, the perfect solution for households with solar panels.

person using Zappi EV Charger
Zappi EV Charger

Finally, the zappi is a smart EV charger that allows you to charge your electric vehicle with the surplus solar energy generated by your solar panels. It has three charging modes: fast, eco, and eco+ which help you to choose the most efficient way to charge your vehicle. The charger also has a smart feature that ensures you don’t overload your home’s electrical circuits.

Our team is excited about what these products offer in terms of helping homeowners maximise their energy efficiency and save money on their energy costs. With the rising demand for sustainable energy solutions, myenergi’s products offer a range of high-quality products that offer homeowners flexibility and control over their energy usage.

If you are interested in getting any of these products installed in your home, you can contact us to arrange a survey. We can assess your home’s energy needs and suggest the best solution for you.

We are proud to be certified myenergi installers and we look forward to helping you make the switch to sustainable energy solutions.

Please email or call 07378 865564 today!


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